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The final all day event for 2012

Here are the dates for 2012 Experience days that Sharon & myself have organised.

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Saturday 1st December at Hethersett Village Hall for the last all day event of 2012 & a Christmas Card & gift event
Theme - A whole day crafting
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Saturday 1st December ~ Christmas gift event

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Sunday, 30 December 2007

New years Resolutions

What will you be resolving to do or not do in 2008?

I don't usually make new years resolutions but I am thinking
carefully about things i would like to change in my personal life.

* Make family Birthday cards in plenty of time for posting.

* I do think one think that i need to do is to use some of the things that are already on the shelves in my craft room.

12 x 12 paper storage a rack bought from a closing down sale of a craft shop near me.

Stampin up rubber stamp sets are brilliant and they have there own little clam shell cases, so easy to label and easy to find a set.

The shelves are a new addition to my craft room and make so much more space and free up the desk for making more projects.

My workspace.

Ribbon storage also bought from the closing down sale at my local craft shop.

Labelled storage drawers from WH Smith

My messy workspace

My Helper, he hasn't quite understood that the peel off's go on the card & not on his head.

Whatever your resolutions I wish you and yours a very
Happy & Healthy 2008


Emma said...

I also aim to make cards earlier than I do. I tend to rush one the day before so I can get it into the post. Also, as I did a craft show in August and spent most of the summer making cards, I couldn't be bothered with Christmas cards. I could have made some well in advance and sold them at work etc. I made 9 personalised ones for someone at work but that's all I sold. I even bought the great value Christmas stamper kit through Docrafts and haven't used a thing out of it. I ended up buying my Christmas cards to family - eek! I'm most disappointed in myself! Must get cracking this year! My new computer arrives on 7 Jan and I have CD rom to play with so hopefully will start churning out some cards soon!

margaret D. said...

Apart from the usual losing weight, I want to make even better cards in 2008 and sell more. I started doing craft fairs towards the end of the year and told my husband it would be occasionally, there was three in November!!!! I am not doing any in January as I am down to have a minor op, next craft fair is the end of February. I also hope to learn more parchment. I wish you a very Happy crafting new year and the best of health for 2008.Margaret D. from do craft forum.

Juliet said...

Love your craft room - thought I was organised, but not a patch on you, lol. Could do with finding a closing down craft shop I think.

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