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The final all day event for 2012

Here are the dates for 2012 Experience days that Sharon & myself have organised.

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Saturday 1st December ~ Christmas gift event

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Tuesday, 30 October 2007

32 ways to love your heat gun

32 Ways To Love Your Heat Gun

1. Use it with shrink plastic!

2. To dry glue on almost anything!

3. To set the pigment ink on our Paperclay

4. To dry sealer on paperclay quickly

5. Embossing

6. Glassy Glaze

7. Liquid Applique

8. Heat & Stick

9. Heat setting Fabrico

10. Remelting hot or low temp glue to restick something

11. Stamp & Scratch paper

12. Paint stripping

13. Reheating tea

14. Blowing glitter across a stamped area to get a fine sprinkle.

15. Speeding up drying for radiant pearls, ancient page and some other inks.

16. Blowing glitter or other small debris off of the table

17. Carefully now: dry your nail polish! Heat gun holder means no smudges on 2nd or 3rd coat. It stays on my craft table in its heat gun holder and I paint then press the on button and wave my nails under the flow.

18. To puff up fabric puff paints on sweatshirts (Gotta be careful!).

19. To heat up those price stickers on glass--just heat and then peel them right off. This works great on jelly jar labels .

20. My favorite heat gun use is to make smores. 2 graham crackers, chocolate pieces, marshmallow, wooden skewer, heat gun. Heat the marshmallow a nice toasty brown, assemble and enjoy. We did this with a Brownie troop for one of their try its and they loved them.

21. Repairing computer parts: I have a story to tell about my heat gun... It happened this week, and it saved my YOU-KNOW-WHAT!! I am setting up and trial running a new computer in my bedroom, next to my old one, making sure it works, and getting it set it up for transfer of my documentation to the new one, was checking on the CD speakers, and it worked, and I took the

CD out, and the phone rang...........Then, later when I was flipping my mattress over, (need to do it once in a while), the mattress caught on the OPEN CD ROM holder....and bend it toward the ground, and it wouldn't go back into the holder space. It would go so far and then stop, I could force it back in by holding up the plastic, but it wouldn't do it on its own....BRAND

NEW, not even REGISTERED yet! After I stopped hyperventilating, I used my heat gun to heat the plastic a little at a time, and I slowly maneuvered it until the tray would slide shut on it own, and it plays and all is well, THANK HEAVENS FOR OUR HEAT GUN!!!

22. Takes a dipping and keeps on ticking!! My favorite heat gun story is from this web site. One demonstrator dropped her heat tool in her coffee, while it was plugged in. She jumped quick and unplugged it, rinsed it off and let it dry off. Plugged it in, turned it on and it is still running like a top.

23. You can use your gun to remove hardened candle wax. Aim the heat at the wax. When it starts to melt, use a white paper towel to blot it up. Do this a little at a time to prevent scorching your surface.

24. For artsy daredevils: pool some metallic ink on glossy c/s. Aim heat at its center. It will spread the ink and create a nice blob. Sprinkle some of the confetti in our new glitter stacks on top of the blob, then pour on some clear Embossing Powder. Heat again, pour on more EP, melt, and allow

to dry. It makes a nice accent or background for your artwork. I discovered this when trying to find things to do with the new confetti we have. I tried something similar with the regular reinkers and didn't like the results - non impressive. If any of you try a variation of this, please

share your results!

25. Use the heat gun to melt some candle wax onto your paper creating an abstract design, then do a direct to paper technique over it. The wax will resist the ink and also give your paper texture.

26. Melt bits of broken crayons for a background resist. I would melt the various colors of crayon bits until there were melted puddles scattered around the cardstock. Then I would let them harden and use the foam brayer to brayer ink over the whole piece of card stock. Next, I would reheat the crayon until remelted and then soak up the excess with a paper towel. This

would leave some color on the card stock, plus the ink would have resisted these areas. It might make an interesting background. Maybe a little like a faux batik look. (Note: This idea has not been tried! Please report back to the list if you try it!)

27. I use mine with friendly plastic! It's so much easier than putting it in the toaster oven every time you need to soften it! Friendly plastic is THE coolest stuff ever!! It's not even new if you can believe that! I heard they used it in the '70's to make jewelry and now it's making a big comeback. I use it make jewelry and components to embellish cards. It comes in really pretty metallic colors and it kind of wrinkles when you heat it up. While it's hot you can blend colors together and put in beads, charms, even stamped images. Then when it's dry I put a coat of crystal effects over

it because: 1. It makes the plastic super shiny and pretty and 2. if you use charms or beads (as I do) they will fall off when the plastic is cool unless you seal it! Honestly,

28. Speed up effectiveness of bleach stamping by heating the bleach stamped image from underneath after stamping.

29. Make gift baskets and use it to shrink the shrink plastic over the basket. I tried it and just like magic shrunk in no time flat.

30. You can use the heat tool on fun foam. You heat and then imprint a bold or bold line stamp in it.

31.My DH used it to heat the glue of our old linoleum as he peeled it up to lay new stuff. He was impressed by my suggestion to use it and that it worked like a charm!

32.I use it to melt stamped tissue paper to a candle. You can also heat the surface of the candle and then stamp a DD stamp into it. Highlight the impression with paints - maybe our metallic reinkers would work? I tried this a long time ago and didn't get really good results. This past year, I've been making candles with dried flowers in them to sell at a local farmer's market (my other business). Sometimes the flowers wouldn't show up well and I would use

the heat gun to melt off a layer of wax.

1 comment:

Karen and Kyle said...

Great list! I can't wait to try the s'mores. :) I found you through My Craft Channel, btw

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